Shadowbox Live is reaching back to the past year for "Crazy Sexy Cool: The Greatest Hits of 2018."

The production opened Jan. 4 and runs through March 23 at 503 S. Front St. in Columbus' Brewery District.

Katy Psenicka, actor and choreographer, said the show condenses four 2018 performances -- "Epic," "Down and Dirty," "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll" and "Hellraiser."

"It's a crazy, sexy, cool, funny, rockin' show -- a lot of variety," Psenicka said.

Tickets are $25 to $30 and available at

The show includes rock music and several comedy sketches.

For example, in "Nursery Rhymes with Keith Richards" from "Down and Dirty," the character of Keith Richards goes to a recording studio to record nursery rhymes for his great-grandchildren and children throughout the world.

But the lyrics are about his life and times as a gritty rock musician, so there's some debate over whether the material is appropriate.

In the end, Richards and the sound engineer form a friendship and a compromise on the music.

In "A. I. Love You," from "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll," a man in the sketch is trying to woo a lady friend, whom he's invited to dinner. A battle then ensues between Alexa and Siri, two popular computer voice-command personal assistants.

"Welcome to Heck" is a sketch from "Hellraiser," in which a man who has died wasn't bad enough to go to hell or good enough to get into heaven. Instead, he's stuck in Heck -- "where he is annoyed for eternity," Psenicka said.

Actor Jimmy Mak, who plays character Richard Epylmeyer, said audience members would be able to relate to the material.

"And that's what makes it fun," Mak said. "The guy is not evil, but he's not good so they don't torture him -- they just pester him, so it's just constant annoyance."

As for the rock 'n' roll, the troupe plays numbers from the Talking Heads, Van Halen and George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Psenicka said.

"I would not say one of those songs is a crowd-pleaser more than the other," she said. "They are all evenly placed. They are selected by the audience."