Orange Township has a new logo to go with a new branding campaign, but township officials say the process of reaching those goals was even more important than the outcome.

Last year, the township spent $24,500 to hire communications firm Guide to develop its new logo and brand.

Guide held workshops, focus groups and surveys throughout the township to better identify the characteristics that Orange Township residents appreciate and value in their own community.

The result is a green-and-orange logo that township officials said places an "emphasis on the community's friendly and welcoming culture."

Township trustees approved the new logo in December, and the township is set to begin changing out old logos in early 2019 while explaining the changes to its residents.

Although the new branding is important, township Administrator Lee Bodnar said, the new logo isn't the main takeaway.

"It's a lot deeper than that," he said. "Obviously, the logo is one of the takeaways, but it's instilling and fortifying the understanding that where we're headed is where people want to go."

Bodnar said the goal was to "drill down" to answer the question, "What is the heart of Orange Township?"

"What we walked away with is that the township serves as a gateway to Delaware County," he said. "We're on the southern doorway, or welcome mat, if you will, to Delaware County.

"It reaffirmed what we believe to be the case: that having top-rated schools, safe neighborhoods and beautiful homes (makes us) a great place to offer busy parents and working professionals an opportunity to enjoy their family."

Trustee Ryan Rivers said in a news release that the township is experiencing "a boom in growth" and said the brand-development campaign helps Orange Township "articulate our identity."

"Our new branding celebrates and highlights our best attributes," he said. "It's like a launch pad we can all use when communicating our township's great traits, and it does it in a way that is authentic to who we are."

Bodnar said he and township leaders weren't surprised by the feedback they had received from residents but said it was important to have concrete verification of what they thought they already knew.

He said the township now has more confidence in its priorities and its direction for the future.

"Prior to the initiation of this process, in conversation, people shared what they believed about the township and we heard common threads and themes," he said. "This was a formalized way of actually collecting that same subject matter and then framing it in a manner that allowed us to build upon it."