Sara Abou Rashed, a Columbus-based artist and poet, hopes to inspire reflection on the meaning of home with her latest performance.

"A Map of Myself," scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 19, at the Peggy R. McConnell Arts Center of Worthington, is billed as a "70-minute, one-woman revolution on war, immigration, language, history, home and everything in between."

It is Rashed's first show since her sell-out performances at the Columbus Museum of Art and the Lincoln Theatre in Columbus last fall.

Rashed, 19, uses a combination of acting, storytelling and poetry to tell the journey of her family's journey from Syria to Columbus.

She said she started writing poetry at age 8 while living in Syria.

Five years later, after moving with her family to Columbus in 2013 to escape war, she learned English by studying "The Odyssey" by Homer in English class while attending Columbus' Centennial High School, she said.

"I remember starting high school and thinking about how different I was and how different my life experience has been because we literally just escaped a war and I came here not knowing the language," she said.

Now studying international relations at Denison University, Rashed said, she believes her story has something to which all people can relate, even if they have no experience with immigration.

"I'm really excited to keep sharing it and bring people to their roots and help them think about their own stories, because essentially everyone is an immigrant," Rashed said.

Katie Kramer, director of the McConnell Art Center, said Rashed has strength in her voice and "sees Columbus with fresh eyes."

"Everyone who enjoys art at the MAC will enjoy her performance," she said.

Kramer said with the success of Rashed's other performances in the fall, the show was anticipated to sell quickly, and it had sold out as of Jan. 7.

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