A 44-year-old Delaware County employee died on the job Jan. 9, and county leaders say they are conducting a review to find out exactly what happened.

A press release from the Delaware County Board of Commissioners said Scott Amrine, a member of the county's facilities management team, died at work Jan. 9.

He was a Delaware resident and had served as a maintenance specialist since 2016.

"Through his work," the press release said, "Scott was able to impact and interact with many departments in the county."

Delaware County spokeswoman Jane Hawes said Amrine fell off a ladder while working outside the county auditor's office at the Hayes Administrative Building, 145 N. Union St., around 5 p.m. Jan. 9. A county report noted he was conscious after falling and was bleeding from his head. 

Hawes said a co-worker who did not observe the fall but heard the crash ran to his assistance, and someone in a nearby office called 911.

The county has a crisis counselor available for its employees, the release said.

"Because his passing occurred at the workplace, we are committed to conducting a thorough review of the circumstances," the press release said.