The web has made it easier than ever to get book recommendations, but what if you're looking for suggestions tailored just to you, based on books you've read and enjoyed?

You can ask the experts.

Worthington Libraries' online-only series, "Find Your Next Great Read," makes asking library staff members for book recommendations fun, fast and easy.

During the events, held at least once a quarter, teens and adults are invited to "meet" staff on the library's Facebook page,, and get instant recommendations for future favorites by posting the titles of the last three books they've read.

The next program is scheduled from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21.

Since launching the series in 2014, each session has gained in popularity.

As the number of rave reviews continues to increase, staff members have found that people aren't just asking for themselves – they want lists for friends, spouses and children. For example, during the last session, held in October, Lori Wilson requested some options for her book group.

You needn't have a Worthington Libraries card to participate in "Find Your Next Great Read" events. In October, Karla Mlachak, who moved from Worthington several years ago, checked in for some book recommendations.

In addition to the titles they received, a number of participants said they planned to browse the books recommended to others. With few titles repeated, it would be easy to put together lists for readers of any age.

Of course, if you just can't wait until Monday for reading recommendations, you're always welcome to ask us. You can send an email or instant message from the library's website (you'll get a reply in 12 to 24 hours), call 614-807-2626 or stop in at any library location.

Hillary Kline is a communications specialist for Worthington Libraries.