One person's trash is another person's treasure -- or in this case, one restaurant's efforts to reduce food waste are treasured by a nonprofit organization.

The owners of the Crest Gastropub, 2855 Indianola Ave., are partnering with GoZERO Services, a "food-waste composting courier" founded in Columbus and now based in Springfield.

Through the partnership, not only will as much as possible of the restaurant's food and kitchen waste be composted, but private residences also may participate on a subscription basis.

"Really, our mission is to inspire," said David Andre, founder and executive director of GoZERO Services.

GoZERO was organized in 2016 "in order to address the logistical problem of collecting food waste separately from traditional waste," the nonprofit's website states.

"We used to compost on our own ... but we do too much business to manage it ourselves," said Christine Bunker Deye, vice president of A&R Creative Group, owners of not only the Clintonville Crest Gastropub but also a second location on Parsons Avenue.

On average, Deye said, the efforts by the staff at the Indianola Avenue location diverted 260 pounds of food waste each week from reaching a landfill.

Gastropub representatives met with Andre regarding GoZERO composting, and the deal was done in less than five minutes, said Ismail Alshahal, one of the restaurant owners.

"For us, it's not a bother -- more of a way of doing business," he said.

Through the subscription service, people who sign up at pay $10 a month to receive a plastic bucket with a tight-fitting lid from GoZERO services in which to place food scraps. The scraps then can be dumped in a bin that's located in the alley behind the Indianola Avenue location.

"The whole thing is, don't over-engineer it," Andre said.

"The more complicated it gets, the less likely people are to sign up," Deye said.

The program is open not only to Clintonville residents, she said, but also people living in other parts of Columbus.

"We're excited," Andre said. "I get goose bumps. They're extending it into the neighborhood.

"It's table back to farm."

"We've always tried to connect to the community -- the Clintonville community in particular," Deye said.

Andre said he hopes to leverage the arrangement with the Crest Gastropub into creating similar partnerships with other restaurants.

"If we can prove it out on the private sector, maybe the public sector will follow," Deye said.

"It's easy to attach yourself to great people who are doing great things in the world," Alshahal said. "For us, it's always trying to see what's the next step we can do.

"It's just a way of life for us."