The Ohio Board of Education will continue to be led by a gubernatorial appointee, as members elected Laura Kohler of New Albany on Jan. 15 as president of the 19-member panel.

Kohler, who previously led school boards in the New Albany-Plain Local and Worthington districts, won by a vote of 13 to 6, defeating Nick Owens, an elected member from Georgetown.

The board elected Charlotte McGuire, an elected member from Dayton, vice president by a 10-9 vote over Sarah Fowler, an elected member from Rock Hill.

The board, which hires the state schools superintendent and makes education policy recommendations, is made up of 11 elected members representing regions of the state and eight appointed by the governor. All serve four-year terms.

Kohler told her colleagues, "I'm driven to show this board at its best" and ensure it has an active role in developing state education policy.

Kohler succeeds Tess Elshoff, an appointed member from New Knoxville who recently wrapped up her second term on the board.