A new development centered on retail and residential uses could come to an area near Dublin's legacy office parks, although the plan at this point is reportedly in its infancy.

Dublin, in partnership with Daimler Group, plans to develop approximately 10 acres of city-owned land on Frantz Road, between Rings Road and Blazer Parkway, according to a Dec. 12 entry on the city's website.

The plan would implement recommendations from the city's corporate area plan and would serve as an amenity for workers, hotel guests and residents of nearby neighborhoods.

Dublin's corporate area plan, approved by Dublin City Council in September, applies to about 987 acres populated by corporate offices.

It targets office parks in the Metro, Blazer and Emerald districts in the city, which have buildings dating from the 1970s to the 1990s.

According to a presentation posted on the city's website for a Nov. 27 stakeholder meeting for Frantz and Rings roads neighborhood commercial development, Dublin originally acquired a 23-acre parcel in 2016 for strategic economic development purposes.

Thirteen of those acres were developed with a parking lot and storm-water retention ponds as part of an economic development agreement with Cardinal Health, leaving 10 acres retained by the city.

Paul Ghidotti, executive vice president with Daimler, said Daimler is in the very early stages of concept planning, to see what potential exists at the site.

Daimler was selected by the city for the possible project after responding to a city request for ideas for the site, Ghidotti said.

According to the Nov. 27 presentation, the city released a request for qualifications in May and identified a finalist in the summer.

In going over conceptual, early-stage development opportunities for the site, Ghidotti said the land closest to Frantz Road could include neighborhood support retail, such as coffee shops, sit-down restaurants and fast-casual restaurants.

Retailers that would locate here though, would have to balance the proximity to the Bridge Park District and the Mall at Tuttle Crossing, Ghidotti said.

The land closer to the Cardinal Health building could offer apartments attractive to young professionals and millennials that could be marketed as an adult-oriented community, Ghidotti said.

Daimler has had one public meeting with residents from neighborhoods to the southeast and northeast of the site, Ghidotti said.

In order for the development to proceed, it must go through City Planning Commission and City Council review, a process that could begin in March.

"So, we have a long way to go," Ghidotti said.

Daimler has completed many office projects in Dublin, Ghidotti said.

The business was the original developer of the Avery Place project, which houses Matt the Miller's Tavern on Avery-Muirfield Drive. Daimler also developed the building that houses Starbucks Coffee on Perimeter Drive.

While Ghidotti said city staff members are also great to work with, he also counts his residency of more than 20 years as a motivator behind choosing Dublin.

"Anyone likes to develop in their backyard," he said.