Tofu is considered one of the most versatile ingredients in the food word. With a neutral flavor, the bean curd is both healthy and adapts to many flavors.

ThisWeek staffers respond to the question: Does tofu belong in salad?

Andrew King: Tofu needs to be partnered with something more flavorful than lettuce in order to make it good.

Scott Hummel: I like tofu in soups and in Asian cuisines. I don't think I want it in salad.

Sarah Sole: Sure thing. It belongs in a plethora of places.

Nate Ellis: I suppose you can put about anything in salad.

Dennis Laycock: Tofu belongs in very little, but definitely not a salad.

Abby Ambruster: Hmm ... I like tofu, but I like it better in a bowl than on top of a salad.

Lisa Proctor: I want tofu to belong, but I'm not sure it plays well with others.

Neil Thompson: My opinion is that it doesn't belong anywhere.

Lee Cochran: Not mine.