As its name suggests, gelee is a type of edible jelly, commonly containing fruit. It’s served chilled and intended to highlight the food with which it is served.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Would you try pomegranate gelee?

Andrew King: Sure, why not?

Scott Hummel: I'd try it. I doubt I'd like it, but I'd try it.

Sarah Sole: That sounds tasty.

Nate Ellis: Eh, sure. Pomegranate holds up.

Dennis Laycock: Sure, bring it on.

Abby Armbruster: Do restaurants still serve gelees? That was cool about 10 years ago. But either way, I would try it.

Lisa Proctor: I think I would.

Neil Thompson: I will try anything once, and this sounds delightful.

Lee Cochran: I'd give it a try.