The "throw bar" coming to the Dublin Village Center is planned to open by March 2 -- just in time to hold an ax-throwing competition as part of the annual Arnold Classic, says Marty Lee Parker, owner of Axe Throwing LLC.

Axes, however, aren't the only things that will fly through the air at Throw Nation, 6649 Dublin Center Drive.

In addition to the chance to throw axes at a target 13 feet away, Throw Nation will offer foot bowling, in which a football is thrown at bowling pins; Beersbee, in which a plastic disc is thrown at a can placed on top of a PVC pipe; Stump, in which players must hammer their opponents' nails into a stump and the last person with a nail exposed wins; and the "Balls in a China Shop" game show, in which participants answer trivia questions and throw baseballs at plates.

The ax throwing, Parker said, is an extension of the corporate team building and active entertainment he has featured in his other business ventures. His other company, Bucket List Productions, organizes mud runs, bubble runs, tomato fights, escape rooms and game shows.

Parker opened Columbus Axe Throwing in March 2017 on Busch Boulevard.

Parker said Dublin's Throw Nation will feature multiple lanes of ax throwing that can be reserved in advance or via walk-in.

In either scenario, newcomers will receive a 10- to 15-minute tutorial. Ax throwers are allowed to have a maximum of two beers and no hard liquor. Those under the drinking age have to be age 7 or older.

Although Parker originally estimated his Dublin bar would open by December, he said installation of a grease inceptor, required to serve food, pushed the schedule back.

Parker said he has invested "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to open his Dublin location.

The location became attractive to him, Parker said, when Topgolf scouted the site before settling on 2000 Ikea Way near Polaris. Pins Mechanical Co., is close by in Dublin's Bridge Street District. The location's proximity to the highway also made it a smart location, he said.

Scott Dring, executive director of the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau, said venues such as Throw Nation, Pins Mechanical and 16-Bit Bar + Arcade, also in Dublin's Bridge Street District, help the city look attractive to organizations and companies that want to book conferences and trade shows in Dublin.

Those entities, he said, are interested in making sure evening entertainment is available to their guests.