Louie Montenaro was one of the many Italian boys who lived with their families on Glenn Avenue in Grandview Heights.

Louie was born in 1907 to Joe and Catherine Montenaro.

His sister, Grace, married Anthony Martina and became well-known in the Columbus Italian community; she also served as an aide to Columbus Mayor Jack Sensenbrenner.

Louie Montenaro worked as a caddy at the Aladdin Country Club when he was a boy, and later excelled at boxing, winning the AAU championship. By 1925, he was boxing professionally under the name "Kid Martin."

In this photo, he is shown posing with his 1931 DeSoto sedan in front of the family double on Glenn Avenue.

Montenaro also played football in an amateur league and became a successful golfer. He married Margaret Crabtree in 1927 and died in 1984.