A new stock of city street signs is available for purchase as Upper Arlington continues to replace its old signs.

Since summer 2013, Upper Arlington residents, or anyone interested in owning old city street signs, have been able to purchase them for private use.

This winter, a new supply of old signs was made available as the city went through its latest round of updating local signs, and it made the purchase process easier in November by selling them through the city website.

"Once we started putting them on the website and people could see what is available, the signs have been much more popular," said Jared Nyhart, Upper Arlington community-affairs manager. "Once we started selling them online, we've sold 175 signs since the end of November."

Nyhart said he wasn't sure how many signs were sold each year previously because the city Finance Division would list the sales under a general line item annually in the budget, as opposed to a separate one specific to those sales.

But he said the popularity of the old signs appears to be growing, and by making them available for purchase, the city doesn't have to dispose of them.

"It's a great alternative to scrapping (or) recycling them and this way allows our residents the option of purchasing a piece of memorabilia of their neighborhood, past or present," he said.

"As signs are either outdated or replaced as part of a construction project, we sell the ones that are still in relatively good shape.

"Signs that are damaged or in poor condition are scrapped."

Signs that are 24 to 30 inches long cost $29. Those that are 36 inches long are priced at $37, and any sign that is 41 inches or longer costs $45.

For public safety purposes, it's illegal to place the old signs in the public right of way.

At upperarlingtonoh.gov/shop, prospective shoppers can view available signs and select those they want to purchase. Once an online payment has processed, it takes about five to 10 days for signs to be made available for pickup from the Finance Division at 3600 Tremont Road.

Buyers are notified via email when the signs can be picked up.