In the age of low-carb diets, even the tortilla is occasionally being pushed aside. Some are substituting the wrap or corn shell with lettuce leaves.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Should lettuce be substituted for tortillas in tacos?

Sarah Sole: What? Like a lettuce shell filled with stuff? That should never happen. Sounds like the wedge salad, another thing I detest.

Scott Hummel: I’m so over food fads and so-called health trends. I watch my carb intake enough. When I want a taco, I want a taco – not some lettuce-wrapped, faux-meat-filled, gluten-free, silken-tofu-for-cheese garbage. People, stop pretending you like that stuff. You don’t like it.

Andrew King: If that's your thing, cool. But I'll stick with tortillas.

Lee Cochran: Interesting. I don't think I'd use a leaf of lettuce to replace the tortilla. While I am a fan of a good taco salad, there are times I want a good, old-fashioned taco. There's a definite separation in my mind so I'm probably not going to walk around with lettuce taco.

Neil Thompson: It most certainly should not. In addition to compromising the sanctity of taco tradition, lettuce doesn't have the structural integrity to support the contents of most tacos. Also, you didn't ask, but a taco using a warm soft corn tortilla is perfect.

Abby Armbruster: I've done that before for barbecue tuna tacos – don't knock it till you try it – but never for actual tacos with beans, rice, cheese, salsa, guac and the like. I would say I prefer the tortilla over lettuce any day.

Lisa Proctor: Substituted? No, I want it all.

Dennis Laycock: I doubt a leaf of lettuce could contain the gallons of hot sauce I like to pour onto my tacos.

Nate Ellis: Sure.