News that the Kroger bakery at 457 Cleveland Ave. shut down Feb. 11 after more than 90 years in business at that location had many reminiscing about the bakery.

When it opened in May 1928, a crowd estimated at 12,000 came to the open house for a one-hour tour.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that a squad of police officers kept the patrons orderly.

The banana storage room, where bananas were kept until ripe, attracted particular interest.

Here, in April 1988, Cleveland Mayor George V. Voinovich and his wife, Janet, sampled doughnuts during a campaign stop.

At that time, Voinovich was running for the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Howard Metzenbaum.

Voinovich lost the race but later would serve two terms as Ohio's governor and then two terms in the Senate.