Early Grandview Heights resident Charles Butterworth of Lincoln Road stands with his foot on the running board of his 1913 Little Four roadster.

The two-passenger car was built in Flint, Michigan, by the Little Motor Co. and sold "fully equipped" for $690.

Its 20-horsepower, four-cylinder engine with a specially designed carburetor provided sufficient power for this speedster.

Its electric starter, leather seats and mohair convertible top with removable curtains made it a desirable second car for the wealthy.

The Little Motor Car Co. was established in Flint by William Little and William Durant. In 1910, Durant had been ousted from General Motors, which he founded in 1908.

He later joined the Louis Chevrolet in building the Chevrolet Motor Car Co., and they later regained control through a reverse merger of GM. The advertisement for the roadster stated, "With its full nickled mountings, there is no brass to polish!"