Because they are surrounded by water, Icelanders are known for their love of seafood, whether fresh, dried, pickled or fermented. Other popular dishes include smoked lamb and skyr, a type of yogurt.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Is Columbus ready for native Icelandic cuisine?

Sarah Sole: Yeah let's do it. I'm not a vegetarian anymore so I'm down. I need to expand my seafood comfort zone anyway.

Scott Hummel: Columbus is ready for any fare from anywhere.

Andrew King: Definitely. Give us some more credit.

Nate Ellis: Why not?

Lee Cochran: It would seem to be a natural addition.

Neil Thompson: I don't know about Columbus, but I am ready for Icelandic cuisine to make an appearance. I generally support the introduction of more fish-based dishes in central Ohio, and I'd be happy to incorporate plokkfiskur and humar into my diet.

Abby Armbruster: With the newer cheap flights from Ohio to Iceland, I would rather go try the authentic stuff myself!

Lisa Proctor: Although there are a lot of things we Columbus residents are trying, I don't think we're ready. Reindeer? No.

Dennis Laycock: If it includes that rotten shark meat that made even Andrew Zimmern gag, no, probably not.