Powell's newest business aims to get residents on the dance floor.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios opened its new Powell location last week, replacing the former Delaware location, which has closed.

Pamela Baragona managed the Delaware location and purchased the franchise with co-owners Devin Taylor and Gina Snyder.

The trio put together a plan to move to Powell, and Baragona promises a completely different model for the business.

"I think you'd come in and say, 'This is so different,' " she said.

The new location at 3499 Market St. gives the business 6,000 square feet to work with, which Baragona said was a massive upgrade.

"We sort of drove around and found this location, and we walked inside and fell in love," she said. "We said, 'This is the perfect place to serve the community.' "

Baragona said the combination of all that room and a different business plan means Fred Astaire in Powell won't be a carbon copy of the other locations in Westerville, northwest Columbus or Lancaster.

"We're probably a different model from Westerville and northwest," she said. "The thing that we did that made us successful (in Delaware) is we really built the whole thing around the relationship with the clients. We became very relationship-based. So I think that created the model in the community. We became a community center."

Because of the move from Delaware, Baragona and her co-owners come into Powell with many existing clients -- and after a soft opening throughout February, the studio's March agenda is packed.

From group classes on the Argentine tango to a Luck of the Irish dance party, Baragona said the variety of activities is purposeful.

Between those types of classes and events and the occasional "celebrity" appearance from "Dancing With the Stars" and other acts, she said she thinks she can attract just about anyone.

"We really want to encompass all the different types of people that want to dance," she said.

"There's a whole huge group of people who want to dance with different skills and budgets and desires. We want to be the place for that in the community."

For more information, go to the studio's Facebook page, "Fred Astaire Dance Studios -- Powell," or call 740-368-9040.