Grove City police said a Columbus man was arrested and charged March 6 on three misdemeanor counts of voyeurism after admitting to following women at two Grove City stores and using his cellphone to take pictures.

On Feb. 28, a woman told police that a man took a picture under her dress while she was at a store in the 4100 block of Buckeye Parkway.

An officer was assigned to follow up on the initial report, and the loss-prevention officer at the store forwarded a surveillance video that showed a man following women around the store and taking pictures of them.

Police posted a picture of the suspect on social media and subsequently received tips identifying the man as a 22-year-old Columbus resident, reports stated.

On March 6, officers talked to the man, who first claimed he was being falsely accused. He said he tripped and fell into the woman who had made the report to police.

He allowed police to check his phone, but it did not have an SIM card, reports stated.

Police seized the phone so a search warrant could be obtained.

The man was arrested on a voyeurism charge and when they searched him, officers found the SIM card and memory card for the phone on his person, according to reports.

Before he was taken to the Franklin County jail, the man asked to talk to officers again. At that time, he admitted to taking photos under women's dresses, reports stated. He acknowledged taking photos of two other women at the first store and two women at another store in the 4100 block of Buckeye Parkway.

The two women from the second store contacted police and reported the incidents.

Additional charges were then filed and the man was taken to jail.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* A Grove City man reported March 9 that several items were stolen from a storage unit he had rented at a facility in the 5900 block of Haughn Road.

The man said he rented the storage unit July 10, 2018, and paid for the first two months in advance.

He said that on Dec. 31, he went to his storage unit and found his belongings had been rearranged and the rear wall had been replaced, reports stated. It appeared some of his items had been placed outside for a time because he observed there was dirt on the base of some of his items.

He said the owner of the storage facility assured him all of his property was accounted for, according to reports. The man said he wasn't sure if anything was missing at the time because the items had been rearranged.

On March 9, the victim ended his rental agreement and came to remove his items. At that time, he discovered two flat-screen televisions, a video-game system, DVD player and several other miscellaneous personal items were missing. Total loss was $5,200, reports stated.

* A resident in the 5800 block of Ravine Creek Drive reported March 8 that at least two unauthorized checks had been cashed on his bank account.

The man told police he had just been notified by his bank that his checking account was overdrawn. He said he logged into his account and saw that two checks, totaling $1,975, had been written out to an individual and both deposited into the same bank account, reports stated.

The victim said he did not know anyone by the name to whom the checks were written and the signatures on the checks looked similar to his signature. He said he called his bank and had his account frozen and told the bank about the unauthorized checks. It also appears a third check was deposited March 8 for an amount close to $1,000, but the victim said he was unsure of the exact amount because it had not yet been posted on his account at the time of his report.

* A Columbus man told police his cellphone was stolen March 8 from a store in the 1600 block of Stringtown Road.

The man said he was in the store's paint section and placed his phone on a counter. He walked away for a few minutes, and when he returned the phone was gone. The store's surveillance video showed another man walk up to the counter and take the phone, which is valued at $1,000, according to reports.

* A Chillicothe woman told police her purse, valued at $600, was stolen from her car March 9 while it was parked in the 3600 block of Discovery Drive. The woman said she was away from her car for about 75 minutes. She returned to find the rear passenger-side window was broken and the purse was gone.

* A Columbus woman told police her clothes were stolen March 6 from a dryer she was using at a laundromat in the 3000 block of Southwest Boulevard.

The woman said she left the clothes spinning in the dryer while she went outside to smoke a cigarette. When she returned, the clothes were gone. The clothing was valued at $500, according to reports.

The woman said she noticed her clothes were gone after a man using a dryer next to hers had left the building. She said the man drive off in a blue vehicle.