The Groveport Madison Local School District is considering the purchase of four parcels of land along Noe Bixby Road that Superintendent Garilee Ogden said might one day be the site of a new school.

The price for the 11.6 acres is $255,000, according to the purchase agreement, and the district already has placed $10,000 down in "earnest money" for the property.

However, Ogden and district Treasurer John Walsh said the deal to buy the site from Green Acres LLC is not final.

Walsh said two small garage-like buildings are on the property, and purchase is contingent upon review of a satisfactory survey of the property, subsurface testing and environmental impact studies.

Ogden said the district will not commit to the deal until the surveys and studies are completed.

The 11.6 acres at 3465 Noe Bixby Road in Columbus border approximately 13 acres of vacant, undeveloped land the district already owns.

Walsh said the agreement gives the district 30 days to conduct the tests and two extensions of 30 days each to do "due diligence" to make sure the land is suitable for building purposes.

If the district needs any of its 30-day extensions to finish the tests and review the results, it would pay $5,000 for each extension, he said.

"If there is an issue with any of the results, we can walk away at any time from the agreement," Walsh said.

The Groveport Madison Board of Education gave school officials permission to pursue the agreement in February.

Walsh said the purchase of the property is not tied to the bond issue and operating levy the district has placed on the May primary ballot. Funds for the purchase would come from the district's permanent improvement fund, he said.