An ordinance that Bexley City Council is considering would ensure that all of council members' votes on legislation would be conducted in random order.

If approved by council, Ordinance 10-19 would amend council's Rule 20, stating "alphabetical calling of the roll for council votes can lead to predictable voting practices and can result in disproportionate weight being placed on the vote of certain individual members."

Councilman Richard Sharp, chairman of council's zoning, development and judiciary committee, said council already has been voting in random order for the past several years.

"In practice, we've been using random order to not make it so people can gain votes or always be on the hot spot for making a potentially controversial vote," Sharp said.

Council President Lori Ann Feibel said Ordinance 10-19 simply would make the practice of random voting official.

"It's just making kosher what we already do," Feibel said.

Councilman Tim Madison said he came up with the idea several years ago for the city auditor to conduct the roll call for council votes in random order to ensure fairness in voting procedures.

"I believe random voting is always best," Madison said.

Ordinance 10-19 was tentatively scheduled for a second reading on March 26 and a third and final reading with a council vote on April 11.