Hilliard motorists who misuse roundabouts in April might get directions for better navigation from the Hilliard Division of Police.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, per the National Safety Council, said Hilliard communications director David Ball.

Hilliard is acknowledging it by having officers observe motorists who misuse or almost cause accidents in the city's roundabouts, especially the two Main Street roundabouts at Cemetery and Scioto Darby Creek roads.

"Our officers will periodically throughout the month of April be observing drivers who are making mistakes in roundabouts," Ball said.

Rather than issuing citations or even warnings, officers will hand motorists an information card about the proper use of roundabouts, including not changing lanes within a roundabout and yielding to pedestrians, he said.

"Roundabouts are an overall safer alternative to traditional intersections for many reasons, including reducing speeds and thereby reducing the severity of accidents," Ball said.

But in some cases, as drivers are becoming familiar with the basic rules of navigating these intersections, the number of minor noninjury accidents might increase, he said.

To reduce the number of minor accidents, the city will make modifications to the two Main Street roundabouts at Cemetery and Scioto Darby roads, said Letty Schamp, Hilliard's deputy engineer.

Hilliard City Council on March 11 approved legislation authorizing Strawser Paving to complete the modifications for $544,000.

The work will be performed this summer, according to Schamp.

Modifications at Main and Scioto Darby include relocating curb ramps to reshape the center island, relocating a light pole and changing signs and pavement markings, she said.

Modifications at Main and Cemetery include installing raised crosswalks, removing overhead flashing lights, adding overhead lane-control signs and changing signs and pavement markings, she said.