As many kids have done before and many more since, these three Columbus kids climb on "the rock" at Grandview Park, now known as Wyman Woods, in 1968.

Kim Martin and brothers David and Timmy Noll climbed the 12-foot high rock and caught the attention of a Columbus Dispatch photographer.

They were featured in the September 18, 1968 edition.

The caption indicated that Grandview Mayor Joseph Wyman was "intrigued" with the rock since it was unlike any other that he knew of in the vicinity, and that he wanted to find out how it got there.

Historical Society records show that the "mystery" was solved by Ohio State University Geology graduate and Grandview High School science teacher Richard McClellan.

According to McClellan, the rock as well as the material that comprises the geology of the entire Grandview hill was the result of glacial activity that brought deposits from Canada during the ice age, nearly 20,000 years ago.