Grove City Council has been presented with a proposed update of the city's thoroughfare map.

Council is expected to vote on approving the map at its April 15 meeting.

"To me, outside of our land-use plan, the thoroughfare map is probably the most important strategic planning tool we have," Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage said.

The city first created a thoroughfare map in the mid-1980s, Stage said, and its value was immediately apparent.

"It became one of the more strategic pieces in development in Grove City because it became the road map for how we saw infrastructure, namely roadways, being developed in our community," he said. "One example is that we 'drew' Buckeye Parkway on the map as we envisioned it to be."

The map was last updated in 2008, Stage said.

"I made it a priority when I returned to the mayor's office that year," Stage said.

One of the most important new roadways proposed in the revised map is an arterial route to run east to west over Interstate 71 from Hoover Road to Grove City Road, Stage said.

The map also highlights a number of locations where potential roundabouts or traffic signals could be considered, particularly as new residential development continues, Stage said.

The planning commission reviewed the revised map and recommended it for approval March 20.

It's been updated to include new roads that have been built since 2008; recently approved but not-yet-installed roads, including those in the Beulah Park and Farmstead developments; and future roadways proposed in the GroveCity2050 community plan, development manager Kim Shields said.

"The thoroughfare map is an important aspect in the development-review process as it identifies major corridors and characteristics for each," she said.

The proposed map also incorporates language from the 2050 plan highlighting the importance of the context and characteristics of roadways in the city, Shields said.

Some recent residential developments have included deviations from the city's prescribed roadway standards to create a desired characteristic for the project area, she said.

"The proposed map reflects a desire for greater flexibility in roadway design," she said.