According to city statute, criteria for the seven-member Upper Arlington Medical Advisory Board are:

* At least two-thirds of the membership of the board must be physicians licensed to practice in Ohio.

* Members who are not physicians must be persons who are qualified and active in areas directly related to the practice of medicine, such as hospital administration or the development and operation of life-supportive medical equipment.

* All board members must be Upper Arlington residents.

* Members must serve without compensation but must be entitled to reimbursement for actual, reasonable expenses incurred in connection with their official duties upon the approval of the city manager.

* The medical director is the chairperson of the board and has authority over all clinical and patient care aspects of the EMS system.

The medical director:

* Must possess a valid Ohio medical license.

* Must be active in emergency care of patients.

* Must have active participation with one or more EMS organizations, including but not limited to conducting performance-improvement programs, conducting education programs and conducting protocol updates.

* Must have high ethical standards and no conflicts of interest.

* Is required to participate in peer-review and quality-improvement programs.

* Must register with the board on an annual basis in order to demonstrate that such medical director continues to meet the minimum qualifications.

Source: City of Upper Arlington