To the Editor:

In a recent turn of events, a member of the Hilliard Planning and Zoning Commission requested reconsideration of the Jerry Spears Funeral Home's request to rezone property on Hyde Park Drive to allow for the funeral home. ("Planning and zoning: Commission will reconsider Jerry Spears Funeral Home," March 21 edition of ThisWeek Hilliard Northwest News.)

The stated reason for this reconsideration request was an undefined and vague "procedural error" that one board member "did not vote properly."

While no good citizen should be in favor of denying due consideration of any request, no branch of government should be anything less than completely transparent to all parties involved. In order to achieve that transparency, the basis for that perceived procedural error should have been included. Specifically, how was the individual's vote improper?

If the vote itself was conducted improperly and warranted the member's statement prior to the scheduled reconsideration, the rationale of why it was improper is just as important and publicly stated prior to the meeting.

To not include that information in the reconsideration request is less than transparent and unfair to any and all parties who might wish to participate.

Robert Bryan