Ohio drivers will pay an additional 10.5 cents per gallon in gas tax and, starting next summer, will no longer need a front license plate under a two-year transportation budget that got final legislative approval on Tuesday, April 2.

A weeklong stalemate between House and Senate Republicans was broken April 2, when the two sides agreed to increase Ohio’s 28-cent gas tax to 38.5 cents. For diesel fuel, the tax will increase to 47 cents.

For a driver who travels 13,500 miles per year with a vehicle getting 25 mpg, the new tax would cost $57 more, or about $1.10 per week. The tax will take effect July 1.

The final amount is less than a proposed 18-cent tax increase on gas and diesel from Gov. Mike DeWine but is higher than the original 6-cent increase passed by the Senate last month. Within the past five days, DeWine and legislative Democrats got behind a House proposal that called for an 11-cent gas tax and 20 cents for diesel fuel, but the Senate countered with 9 cents for gas and 16 cents for diesel.

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