Upper Arlington City Council members are expected to consider a permanent ban on short-term rentals, such as Airbnbs, when they meet Monday, April 8.

Last April, council approved a one-year ban on “short-term” rentals in all residential districts of the city.

In doing so, the city defined short-term rentals as renting a residence, or any portion thereof, to any tenant for less than 30 days.

With that one-year ban approaching its expiration, Upper Arlington officials in recent weeks have revisited the issue.

On Monday, April 8, council is expected to take action on an ordinance that would make the ban of short-term rentals permanent.

The ban has support from the city’s planning division and attorney’s office.

In a March 18 staff report to council, senior planning officer Chad Gibson and assistant city attorney Jessie Armstrong wrote that the ban on short-term rentals is “an important step in protecting the community’s residential neighborhoods.”

“This use introduces transient guests into the city’s otherwise quiet residential neighborhoods for recurring, short durations with minimal owner oversight,” the staff report said. “It appears that the growing trend is for developers or businesses to purchase single-family residences for the exclusive purpose of operating them as a short-term rental business.

“This can result in increased noise and traffic, as well as other impacts on the neighboring residents and their homes such as safety.”

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