This image was taken 100 years ago April 11, 1919.

Men of the 9th Battalion, 37th Division of the Ohio National Guard are seen marching south down High Street in downtown Columbus as part of homecoming celebrations for 3,000 Ohio troops from World War I.

The 9th Battalion was an all-black unit that served in France with the French 93rd Division, and its members were awarded more than 100 medals.

Although Nov. 11, 1918, marked the end of the war, the battalion returned to the United States in January 1919 and to Columbus in April.

The battalion is approaching Lynn Alley (seen at top left).

The bank with the tall columns (at top center right) is the Citizens Building at the southwest corner of Gay and High streets. It has been redeveloped into apartments today.

Gov. James M. Cox addressed the troops, as did Columbus Mayor George Karb, who told the soldiers they would forever live in the hearts and memories of the people of "good old Columbus town."