Short-term rentals, such as with the Airbnb online hospitality service, will not be permitted in Upper Arlington after a ban approved by city leaders.

Upper Arlington City Council voted 5-2 on Monday, April 8, to permanently ban short-term rentals in all residential districts of the city.

The city defines short-term rentals as renting a residence, or any portion thereof, to any tenant for a period of less than 30 days.

The action also placed a ban on bed-and-breakfasts and “apartment hotels,” the latter of which are defined as apartments that furnish services ordinarily offered by hotels.

The new law replaces a one-year ban council approved last April. The permanent prohibition was supported by the city’s Planning Division and the Upper Arlington City Attorney’s Office.

In a March 18 staff report to council, senior planning officer Chad Gibson and assistant city attorney Jessie Armstrong wrote that the ban on short-term rentals is “an important step” in protecting the community’s residential neighborhoods.

“This would be our only time that we allowed businesses to operate in our residential areas,” council member Michele Hoyle said. “To me, that’s very compelling.

“We’re talking tonight about preserving a neighborhood, we’re talking about preserving the character of a neighborhood. I just don’t think that starting to allow a certain type of business, because it … provides lodging, is not a direction I’d like to see us go.”

Council members Carolyn Casper and Jim Lynch voted against the ban.

Read more about Upper Arlington City Council’s discussion of short-term rentals and its vote on the proposed ban in the April 11 edition of the ThisWeek Upper Arlington News.