Worthington is working to replace water lines near East Wilson Bridge Road to combat frequent breakages, according to city leaders.

Worthington City Council on April 1 approved sending a water-line-replacement project on Huntley Road out to bid.

Dan Whited, director of service and engineering for the city, said the project is a continuation of the water-line replacements underway along East Wilson Bridge Road. East Wilson Bridge Road meets Huntley Road at Worthington Galena Road on the northeastern edge of Worthington.

A natural-gas line that was damaged by a construction crew April 2 on East Wilson Bridge Road occurred during the water-line replacement project, he said. The road was closed for several hours and 67 customers, including businesses and residents, lost gas service until Columbia Gas of Ohio workers could make repairs, according to Columbia Gas spokeswoman Kelli Nowinsky.

The East Wilson Bridge Road project involves the replacement of 3,400 feet of water lines, starting near McCord Park, 333 E. Wilson Bridge Road, and continuing to East Old Wilson Bridge Road to the west, according to the city's website, worthington.org.

Whited said the East Wilson Bridge Road project, which began last month, would be finished in about three months. He said the road would be repaved after the water lines are replaced.

"The water lines in those areas are in poor shape," he said. "It's had a significant break history, ... we are definitely ramping up our attention to water lines."

Two-way traffic is being maintained throughout the project, according to the city.

Meanwhile, Whited said, the Huntley Road water-line replacements would help launch the Northeast Gateway project because the placement of the water lines would align with planned intersection changes.

The Northeast Gateway is the moniker city leaders have chosen for the renovation and redesign for the intersection of Worthington-Galena, East Wilson Bridge and Huntley roads on the north side of the city, just south of Interstate 270.

In January 2016, Worthington City Council approved the plan to transform the congested crossroads into two intersections slightly east and west of the current location.

Now that the Huntley Road project is approved by City Council, Whited said, it will go out to bid by Friday, April 12, and contractors would have two to three weeks to respond. When all bids are received, the project would go back to council and a contractor would be selected, he said.

Whited said he hopes construction would start by the middle of May.

Whited said the length of the project and any effects on traffic have not been determined and would be part of the bids from potential contractors. He said a traffic-maintenance plan would be included.

The current estimate for the Huntley Road water-line project is $522,885, Whited said.