I am a graduate of Groveport Madison High School, and I am proud to write in to show my support for Issue 5.

With the passage of Issue 5, current and future Groveport-Madison students and the community of Groveport will both greatly benefit. It's for this reason that I'm strongly advocating for its passage.

Issue 5 is a combined operating levy and bond issue; the operating levy is not a tax increase, so taxpayers can rest assured. This levy will simply replace the current levy which is due to expire at the end of this year. The operating levy takes care of daily necessities like fuel for our buses, utilities and our awesome educators.

The bond issue segment of Issue 5 is a meaningful investment where, if passed, our district will be able to replace our aging elementary and middle-school buildings. This will be accomplished by using $65 million in state funds. The average functional age of a school building is about 40 years and all of our elementary and middle-school buildings are well past that age. I believe our hardworking students deserve an upgrade to their environment.

As a product of Groveport-Madison, I understand how necessary Issue 5 is, not only for our district, but for the community of Groveport as a whole. I experienced the aftermath of a failed levy and during that time, my learning experience was severely hindered. Groveport-Madison students are depending on the passage of this levy.

I believe that a vote for Issue 5 is a vote to give those students a brighter future.

David Helm