Hilliard leaders will scale down the number of Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area events for the DORA's third summer season in Old Hilliard.

The DORA, which Hilliard City Council approved in April 2017, allows patrons to consume alcoholic beverages in public areas during specific times and dates within the established boundaries.

Last year, city leaders added a "Saturday at the Station" lineup to its Thursday evening "Celebration at the Station" series, but the former event will not be offered in 2019.

"We won't have a 'Saturday at the Station' this year because the attendance (last year) wasn't high enough," said Beth Simon, programs director for the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department.

But the city will increase the number of "Celebration at the Station" Thursday events from eight to 10.

The boundaries of the DORA also will remain the same, but a seventh location has been added: Legacy Smokehouse, 3987 Main St., which opened in December.

The other six establishments that participate in the DORA are Abner's Casual Dining, 4051 Main St.; Local Cantina, 3975 Main St.; the Old Bag of Nails Pub, 4065 Main St.; Otie's Tavern and Grill, 5344 Center St.; Sports on Tap, 4030 Main St.; and Starliner Diner, 4121 Main St.

Though the focus of the DORA is Hilliard's Station Park at the corner of Main and Center streets, patrons are permitted to consume alcohol in the public rights of way among establishments participating in the DORA. The boundaries are clearly marked with signs.

The 10 DORA events City Council approved April 8 will be from 6 to 10 p.m. Thursdays from June 6 through Aug. 15, excluding July 4.

However, alcohol sales will stop at 9:15 p.m. during each "Celebration at the Station" event, said Ed Merritt, director of the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department.

The cutoff is new this year in an effort to get patrons off the streets and either home or inside an establishment by 10 p.m. at the conclusion of each event, Merritt said.

"People were loitering" last year, he said, and the decision was made after a discussion with Hilliard Division of Police Chief Bobby Fisher.

The decision to eliminate "Saturday at the Station" events was made after discussions with participating establishments, he said.

"The Saturday DORA was just not as well-received as we thought it would be," Merritt said.

Last year, the city had three such events, and Abner's requested three additional Saturday night dates that City Council approved.

As of April 8, no Saturday-night DORA events are in the works, Simon said.

Under the conditions of the DORA, alcoholic beverages must be purchased from one of the seven liquor establishments within the DORA, and if carried outside the establishment, the drink must be in the designated plastic cup for that event.

No bottled alcohol or any alcohol not in the designated plastic cup is permitted.

Each establishment issues a wristband after checking identification, but if a patron goes to a different establishment on the same evening, the patron will be asked again for identification, Merritt said.

Signs advise patrons of the boundaries and a person in possession of alcohol outside a DORA boundary is subject to local open-container prohibitions.