Leaders of the city of Powell and Liberty Township have yet to agree on a time and date when they'll gather for a rare meeting between the two governing bodies.

The two municipalities agreed in March to schedule a meeting this month after a cease-and-desist letter, extensive public-records requests and the threat of a lawsuit from the city, all stemming from Liberty Township's conversation about whether to hand over township emergency medical services to Delaware County.

In a March 1 letter, the city requested a joint meeting "to discuss recent concerns with the Cooperative Economic Development Agreement (CEDA) and the future of emergency medical services."

On March 12, Liberty Township trustees confirmed to Powell they were interested in a meeting -- referred to as a "committee of the whole meeting" by Powell officials -- that would be the first since 2014.

A month later, the meeting has not been scheduled.

City spokeswoman Megan Canavan said City Manager Steve Lutz reached out to township Administrator Matt Huffman on April 3 to ask whether April 29 or 30 would work for township trustees and officials.

As of April 9, the city has not heard back from Liberty Township, Canavan said.

In March, Mayor Jon Bennehoof said he couldn't talk much about the potential meeting or its topics, but said scheduling it at all would be a positive.

"Any time there's a committee of the whole meeting, it means there's an opportunity for progress," he said.