Administrators at Pickerington's two high schools have named the top 10 students for their respective 2019 graduating classes.

Rather than identifying a valedictorian and salutatorian, the Pickerington Schools' tradition is to name the top 10 academic performing students -- the Decem Decori -- at each high school.

Both high schools will hold their commencement ceremonies May 25 at World Harvest Church, 4595 Gender Road, Columbus.

Pickerington High School North will hold its graduation at 1 p.m. and Pickerington High School Central's will take place at 4 p.m.

North's Decem Decori was announced March 26. The students are:

* Yoji Arceno, son of Yashoe and Ted Arceno. He will attend Ohio State University, where he'll study applied mathematics.

* Balakrishna Srivatsa Brahmandam, son of Aruna and Srinivasa Rao Brahmandam. He will attend Youngstown State University, where he plans to study biological sciences on a pre-medicine track.

* Krysten Emswiler, daughter of Dale and Layla Emswiler. She will attend OSU, where she plans to study actuarial science.

* Ryan Logsdon, son of Chris and Debbie Logsdon. He will attend the University of Cincinnati to study computer science.

* Wyatt Rider, son of Doug and Holly Rider. He'll attend OSU and plans to study psychology.

* Adam Sherry, son of Paul and Melinda Sherry. He will attend OSU, where he plans to study aeronautical engineering.

* Omar S. Syed, son of Ashan and Shazia Syed. He will attend OSU, where he plans to study Arabic and pre-medicine.

* Jacob Toohey, son of Danya and David Toohey. He will attend either the University College London to study philosophy, politics and economics, or he will go to OSU to study engineering.

* Brock Vinci, son of Lance and Jodi Vinci. He will attend OSU, where he plans to study electrical engineering.

* Luke Wilcox, son of Eric and Linda Wilcox. He will attend OSU and study computer science and engineering.

Central announced its Decem Decori April 2. Those students are:

* Abdullahi Abdi, son of Asha Abdilatif and Adan Ibrahim. He plans to study chemical engineering but is undecided on his college.

* Nasrin Ahmed, daughter of Seida Hassen and Said Ahmed. She plans to attend OSU and study respiratory therapy.

* Aisha Ayub, daughter of Rahella and Hafiz Ayub. She plans to attend OSU and study neuroscience.

* Bertha Chou, daughter of Jane Hu and Joel Chou. She is undecided on a college but plans to double major in computer science and biomedical sciences.

* Kayla Dunn, daughter of Kathryn Hatfield and Russell Dunn. She plans to attend Miami University and study biology.

* Rachel Gordon, daughter of Sherri and Peter Gordon. She is undecided on a college and area of study.

* Robert Hammond, son of Eric and Yulanda Hammond. He plans to attend Case Western Reserve University and have a dual major in computer science and music.

* Jacob Jobe, son of Melissa Youst and Scott Jobe. He plans to attend OSU and study biochemistry.

* Tammy Lin, daughter of Jie Lin and Hang Qing Chen. She plans to attend OSU and study biology.

* Kevin Wang, son of Zhongling and Yinghua Wang. He plans to attend OSU and study biochemistry.