The schools in the Groveport Madison district are in need of help.

I am a graduate of Groveport Madison Local Schools, and from a personal account, I can verify that the need for the expansion of space in our schools is dire. From the walks that seem so recent through the congested halls of Dunloe Elementary and Middle School North, two schools that I attended, it became evident that our schools need a solution to overcrowding.

If you drive through Blacklick Estates, a location that hosts many of our district's schools, you will find modular classrooms next to the elementary schools due to the lack of space for entire classes to fit. The elementary schools and middle schools have remained untouched from solutions to this problem for many years. Offices and conference rooms have been turned into classrooms, which is simply unacceptable.

We evidently do not have enough space in our schools for the amount of students enrolled. An expansion of space and the construction of new schools can ensure that students are not crowded in overflowing classrooms and the modular classrooms are no longer necessities.

Issue 5 is a levy on the ballot in May that would allow for new elementary schools as well as a middle school in the Groveport Madison Local School District to be constructed for our ever-growing population without the expense of increasing taxes like the recent levy in 2014.

In time, many others and I hope to see every student in our district fit into each and every classroom.

Seth Porter