Officials still intend to relocate Violet Township's administrative offices to the Wigwam retreat, but the date for such a move remains undecided.

Recently, the Fairfield County Board of Elections announced it was relocating two polling-place sites in Violet Township -- Violet O and Violet R -- from the township's administrative office building, 12970 Rustic Drive, to Violet Baptist Church, 8345 Blacklick-Eastern Road.

The reasoning, according to board of elections Deputy Director Brett Riffle, was because the township was in the process of selling its administrative office building.

While selling the current administrative office building has been planned by township officials since the township last July purchased the Wigwam retreat at 10190 Blacklick-Eastern Road NW, Violet Township Director of Operations John Eisel said no transaction is pending.

"No, we have not moved, and (I) wanted to be proactive with the BOE in regards to the location, not knowing our timing and if the existing (administrative) building would be available," Eisel said.

When asked the status of the sale of the administrative office building, Eisel said the township is "working with our law director to determine the options." He said no buyer for the building has been identified.

Officials have planned to sell the Rustic Drive building because they intend to relocate the township's administrative offices to the Wigwam after its renovations are completed.

The Wigwam and its 63-acre site were purchased for approximately $2.7 million last July, and approximately $1 million in renovations were planned to outfit the facility to serve as the township's government headquarters.

The Wigwam began hosting community events, such as the Pickerington Food Pantry's annual fundraiser, the Gala, in February.

Whereas the facility's theater and banquet room are usable, Eisel said the Wigwam's office renovations haven't yet been completed.

"(They're) finishing the lighting, door installations, door hardware and some finish trim work," he said.

There isn't a specific move date slated for the administrative offices, but Eisel said they'll relocate to the Wigwam "as soon as the new office space is ready and we can coordinate the move."

He said the township is moving its government headquarters to the Wigwam because "it incorporates our offices as a destination for the community and improves the utilization of existing facilities."

In addition to the township's administrative offices, plans also call for the relocation of a Fairfield County Sheriff's Office substation from 4 E. Columbus St. in Olde Pickerington Village to the Wigwam.