Zaika Gyro & Kebabs is both casual and modestly priced, with a wide-raging menu that covers a lot of territory.

Located in the multicultural neighborhood of Northland, Zaika additionally offers Indian, Middle Eastern and American cuisines at 4989 Cleveland Ave., about halfway between East Dublin-Granville and Morse roads.

"It's a fusion," said Moin Maniar, who owns the restaurant with his brother, Nadim.

The siblings operated another restaurant, Layla's Kitchen, in what is now the Zaika spot, but relocated it to 6152 Cleveland Ave. just south of Interstate 270.

Layla's Kitchen specializes in Indian and Indochinese fare.

Moin Maniar said he believed there was still an appetite for Indian cuisine at the Zaika spot, so some dishes were left on the menu: assorted biryanis, samosas, nihari (stew) and pay (or paaye), a curry usually made with the trotters of an animal.

But the menu also was designed to include spit-roasted shawarma, shish kebab, falafel and gyros with real tzatziki sauce.

To satisfy more traditional American appetites, Zaika features fried chicken, fish and shrimp, burgers, subs, wings and starters.

Most individual items range in price from $6 to $14.

Maniar said the drive-thru at Zaika is a bonus for customers.

Sulaiman Fadika, manager of Zaika, said the 28-seat restaurant is quick-casual, with dishes cooked to order.

He said there are a few surprises on the menu, such as Jamaican beef patty, spanakopita, jalapeno poppers and a homemade meatball sub.

"We just try to do everything, keep it moving," he said.