To the Editor:

I am the parent of a first-grader who attends an elementary school within the Groveport Madison School District.

Her father attended the same elementary school 20 years ago, and when he visits the school, he often cites how nothing has changed. It is a bit shocking that it is the same as it was back then. It is hard to believe that repairs and updates to the building have not been completed. The building has leaking roofs that continuously build the water spots that speckle the ceiling tiles every time it rains. When you use the restrooms, they are in disrepair. The electrical systems are failing along with the safety and security of this once up-to-date elementary school that many of the children from our community attend.

A lot of these school buildings were built over 40 years ago. And while they have served our community well, I believe that it is time change was made to ensure the educational future of our children. There is no better time to do so than now.

On May 7, Issue 5 is attempting to restore these deteriorating schools along with our community sense of pride. The operating levy is not a tax increase; in fact, the bond issue costs less than 50 cents a day per 100,000 of home value. It will provide $65 million in state-matched funds for new schools.

But without voter approval, the state money will be awarded to another district. There is no better way to represent and help out the community than voting in favor of Issue 5.

We owe it to our children to rally for them to be put in the educational institutions they deserve.

Jessica Copley