To the Editor:

I'll be voting for Issue 5, as it's what's best for our community and students.

First and foremost, this is a must-have for our children. Groveport Elementary and Middle School Central are two of the oldest buildings in the district. They are doing the best they can to provide our children with the most modern, up-to-date technology for learning, but it is a struggle.

Groveport Elementary is overflowing to the point modulars have been put out back of the school. We cannot continue to place a Band-Aid on a gaping wound by putting students into modulars as this not an ideal learning environment.

Middle School Central is doing the best in a building that was built 67 years ago and was not set up for today's modern technology and education system with many classrooms only having two outlets. In both these schools, I see "modern whiteboards" hung over chalkboards, overcrowding because our district keeps growing, but the schools stay the same size. How long can we expect the schools to run this way?

These schools still are running in the 20th century and we are well into the 21st century. I personally feel no matter how dedicated the teachers are, the students still are going to fall behind.

The operating levy portion of Issue 5 is not an increase but simply replaces an existing levy. The bond portion will allow us to build 21st-century buildings with the state paying the majority of the cost. By voting "yes" to this levy, we eliminate overcrowding, help protect property values and bring more families and businesses to the area.

We want our kids to grow up and be successful and investing this little bit into these kids will have a huge return in the years to come.

Wendy Neal