To the Editor:

Five years ago, my wife and I were evaluating where we would purchase our first home.

As many people do, we considered the local school district to be a major factor in our decision. Groveport Madison's passage of the 2014 levy and bond issue signaled the community's commitment to the schools. This investment in education played a significant role in our decision to purchase a home in Groveport, a community that we have grown to love.

Groveport Madison has kept its promises from 2014 and the schools have improved dramatically. The district earned the Momentum Award for earning all A's on the value-added area of the state report card last year. Additionally, five of the district's schools earned at least a "B" and the beautiful new high school is a remarkable flagship for our growing district.

It is important that this growth and improvement be able to continue with the passage of Issue 5.

Issue 5 would provide $65 million in state funding to replace our outdated and inefficient middle and elementary schools while renewing the current levy from 2014. If Issue 5 were to fail, our 9-month-old daughter would someday attend elementary school in a building which will be 100 years old and poses safety, health and educational concerns for today's students.

There are constant issues with leaks, mold, electrical outlets, etc. in all the current elementary and middle schools which would cost millions to renovate and would be a poor investment in comparison to building a new school according to the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

I believe all our children have the right to attend schools which are safe and conducive to learning.

A "yes" vote on Issue 5 will give our children the opportunities and facilities they deserve.

Chris Mosure