To the Editor:

As a father of three, I see a great need for better schools in the Groveport Madison School District.

My oldest son is enrolled as a second-grader in Madison Elementary, and I have personally seen the need for new schools on a daily basis. In fact, my son attended the gifted program last year but we had to move him back to Madison Elementary as we saw him decline academically due to the massive overcrowding at Sedalia Elementary.

We have some of the best teachers around, and both our teachers and children deserve a safe and nurturing facility where they can grow and thrive. Issue 5 is not only needed for our students, it is good for our community and smart for our taxpayers.

Replacing our aging, overcrowded and inefficient schools will improve our community's image and strengthen our sense of pride. In fact, the operating levy is not a tax increase. The bond issue comes down to only 50 cents a day for the average homeowner in our district.

Please help support our children and teachers by voting for Issue 5.

Seth Bower