Upper Arlington will spend about $3.5 million in 2019 to repair and rebuild a total of 25 streets.

The work, which is expected to begin sometime in June and be completed by the end of September, is part of the city's annual capital improvement program.

Upper Arlington City Council unanimously approved two contracts related to the work April 8. One agreed to pay Decker Construction Co. approximately $2.54 million to reconstruct 11 streets.

Through the other, the city will pay Strawser Paving Co. about $1.26 million to repair 14 streets. Of that amount, however, Upper Arlington is expected to be reimbursed $266,000 by Marble Cliff because the contract includes provisions for maintenance work to be completed on two streets in that village.

"Marble Cliff will be doing Arlington Avenue and a portion of First Avenue," said Sebastian French, an engineering coordinator for Upper Arlington. "This joint venture was to help Marble Cliff get better economical scale of pricing for their street maintenance program and since their maintenance program is a little smaller than Upper Arlington."

Upper Arlington conducts street maintenance and reconstruction programs annually.

According to French, street maintenance is when the asphalt pavement is ground off 1.5 to 2 inches and then is replaced with hot-mix asphalt.

Reconstruction is when the pavement is removed, including the base, French said. The base is then mixed with cement powder to stabilize the roadway, and then asphalt is placed on the surface.

"The driveway aprons and curbs are all removed and replaced as part of the street reconstruction," French said.

Roadways slated for maintenance are:

* Arlington Avenue from Guilford Road to Tremont Road.

* Canterbury Road from Asbury Road to Abington Road.

* Charing Road from Canterbury to Leeds Road.

* Inchcliff Road from Oldham Road to Mountview Road.

* Mountview from Edington Road to Canterbury.

* Mountview from McCoy Road to cul-de-sac.

* Ridgecliff Road from Mountview to Redding Road.

* Sheringham Road from Shelbourne Lane to Woodbridge Road.

* Shrewsbury Road from Ramsgate Road to Mountview.

* Abbey Road from London Drive to Kingsgate Road.

* Chaucer Drive from Fishinger Road to Kingsgate.

* Elgin Road from Cambridge Boulevard to Oxford Road.

* Ellington Road from Cambridge to Oxford.

* Friar Lane from Abbey Road to Westgate Drive.

* Kingsgate Road from Abbey to Westgate.

* Westbury Drive from Kingsgate to London.

Upper Arlington Public Service Director and City Engineer Jackie Thiel said Marble Cliff will pay the city after the work is completed to the village's two streets.

"The city of Upper Arlington shall bill the village of Marble Cliff for all work done in the village," she said. "The village of Marble Cliff shall reimburse the city of Upper Arlington within 30 days of billing unless extended by mutual agreement."

Street reconstructions in Upper Arlington will take place on:

* Cresthill Drive from Mountview to Redding.

* Dorset Road from Leeds to Mountview.

* Fairfax Drive from Middlesex Road to McCoy Road.

* Grace Lane from Reed to Lyon Drive.

* Osborn Drive from Vassar Place to its dead end.

* Shoreham Road from Surry Hill Place to Mountview.

* Stonehaven Court North from its cul-de-sac to Stonehaven Drive.

* Stonehaven Court South from its cul-de-sac to Stonehaven Drive.

* Stonehaven Drive from Chartwell Road to Wenbury Road.

* Stonehaven Drive from Sandover Road to Stonehaven Place.

* Wareham Road from Kirkley Road to Trentwood Road.

* Woodbridge Road from Glenmere Road to Middlesex.

"The city rates the streets every two years and prioritizes them by the ratings received from the street survey taken," French said. "There will be some traffic disruptions that will delay motorists on the roadways when the paving is taking place."