The Upper Arlington Public Library will play host to two events next week to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning in support of the COSI Science Festival.

On Wednesday, May 1, the library will hold a program for adult gardeners, “Making Seedballs with Master Gardener Tisa Watts,” at 7 p.m. in Meeting Room B at its main branch, 2800 Tremont Road. “Master Gardener Tisa Watts will lead adults in making seed balls out of clay, compost and seeds, which they can take home and toss into their gardens to sprout wildflowers,” said Christine Minx, the UA library’s marketing and community relations manager.

The library’s main branch will play host to “Be an Electrical Engineer: LED Flashlights” in Meeting Room B at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 2.

“Kids will learn about circuits and build an LED flashlight with help from Betty Lise Anderson, an electrical and computer engineering professor at Ohio State University,” Minx said.

Minx said ample parking will be available in the main branch’s parking lot for both events.

Registration is required for both programs, with space limited to 30 adults for the seed ball program, and 20 children for the LED flashlights workshop.

“As of April 18, spots remain for both programs,” Minx said. “However, due to the hands-on nature of these programs, we must limit the number of registrations and we do expect registration to fill up.”

She said the programs are designed to appeal to those interested in science or STEM projects and learning, and that they continue the library’s efforts to offer STEM education through a variety of programs.

Library officials are excited to support COSI “in its mission to transform lives and communities through science, technology and industry learning,” Minx said.

“We have worked with COSI on several projects over the past several years, including bringing COSI staff in to present programs for children,” she said. “They also designed the new themed children’s area at the Miller Park Library.

“So we’re happy to support them by offering STEM programs in the days leading up to the COSI ‘Big Science Celebration’ on May 4.”

The Upper Arlington Public Library and the city of Upper Arlington will host a booth featuring hands-on tech toys and virtual-reality goggles at the “Big Science Celebration,” the concluding event of COSI’s four-day festival. It’s scheduled from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on and around COSI’s campus, 333 W. Broad St., Columbus.

COSI President and CEO Frederic Bertley said COSI couldn’t put on its festival without the help of local partners.

“The key to make this work is through partnerships,” Bertley said. “They’ve been the bread and butter. That includes the 12 city mayors that have agreed to work with us.

“Putting this on at this scale has been possible through the partnerships we’ve been able to set up, and those partnerships helped us pick the sites.”

Bertley added that support for COSI’s Science Festival has come from organizations and municipalities who “speak the STEM language.”

There will be no events where “someone is just going to hand you a flier,” he said. “These are all hands-on, interactive, participatory events.”