Grove City police filed multiple charges against two juveniles April 20 after responding to a motel in the 1900 block of Stringtown Road on a report of gunshots.

The call was made just before 2 a.m. by a guest who was staying in a nearby motel. He said he heard a gunshot and when he looked out his window, he saw two males in dark clothing running toward the other motel, reports stated.

While checking the area, officers observed two males in dark clothing with backpacks leaving bicycles to enter a store in the 1900 block of Stringtown.

They spoke with the juveniles, who both denied hearing a gunshot or being in the area of the motel, according to reports.

The boys gave police permission to search their backpacks and an officer found an empty holster in the one boy's pack. When he searched the boy, he found a loaded gun in his front right pocket, reports stated. A large knife in a sheath was found in the second boy's backpack, according to reports.

Both juveniles were placed in police cruisers.

The second juvenile gave police a false name but later confirmed his real name after police checked a Facebook page under the first name and found the picture did not match. He said he gave the false name because he had active warrants, reports stated.

A check of both boys' names revealed active felony warrants for each.

The second juvenile told police they had come to Grove City to break into vehicles. He said they had stolen the two bicycles and were riding around looking for cars to break into. He said he had only stolen change from vehicles, but the other boy had taken a backpack from a pickup truck and found the gun inside, reports stated. He said the other boy decided to fire the gun in the air to see kind of recoil it had, according to reports.

The other boy admitted the gun was in the backpack he took, but would not say who fired the gun. He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, theft and a curfew violation, reports stated.

The other suspect was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, falsification and curfew violation, according to reports.

Both boys were taken to the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* Two siblings told police their apartment in the 3500 block of Sterling Park Circle was broken into on April 18. A woman reported a piggybank and a lock box containing about $2,800 were stolen from her bedroom. Her brother said a check for $70, a glass jar of loose change and 15 miscellaneous pieces of cosmetology equipment were taken from a desk in his bedroom, reports stated.

* Two residents who live on adjacent streets separately called police on April 20 to report thefts.

A resident in the 3800 block of Evans Drive said several tools were taken from her residence. Total loss was $433, reports stated.

A man reported a lawnmower, leaf blower and vacuum were taken from the garage at his house in the 3900 block of Security Drive. Total loss was $570.

* A Grove City man told police his cellphone was stolen April 21 from a shopping cart he had used at a store in the 5900 block of Hoover Road. The man said he had left the store before realizing he had left his phone in the cart. He went back to the store but could not find his phone. Store employees told him the phone had not been turned in, according to reports.

* A resident in the 2900 block of Trueman Court reported April 23 several items were stolen overnight from his garage. The man did not have a list of the stolen items at the time of his report.

* Police took two reports April 23 of cellphones having been stolen from vehicles.

A female juvenile told police her cellphone, valued at $900, was stolen from her car while she was at her place of employment in the 3900 block of Hoover Road.

A Grove City man told police his cellphone was taken while he was at a business in the 2100 block of Stringtown Road. The man said he had filled up some gas cans and went into the store to pay for the gas. He left his cellphone on the passenger seat of his car. When he returned to his vehicle, the phone was gone.