Groveport's mayor has appointed a committee to further examine potential new restrictions allowing heavy trucks to park in the city's residential areas.

City Council had been expected to approve an ordinance April 22 that would have revised the weight limits for vehicles parked on city streets but decided instead to delay action on the legislation so officials could have more time to research the issue.

Mayor Lance Westcamp appointed a committee of council President Shawn Cleary and Councilman Ed Dildine Jr. as well as Capt. Kurt Blevins and Sgt. Casey Adams from the Groveport Police Department.

"We're going to try and get more clarification on vehicle weight, and that's no easy task," Cleary said. "We just don't want the city to become a parking lot for every different type of vehicle."

The committee has yet to meet and there is no timetable to conduct research.

Residents' concerns brought about a look at the law, which currently states, "Trucks, tractors or trailers with a gross vehicle weight of two and one-half tons (5,000 pounds) empty or over are hereby prohibited from parking in residential areas within the city after 6 p.m. or before 7 a.m. except deliveries of goods and materials to persons within the city."

However, the current law raised concerns because some SUVs, pickup trucks and other vehicles, such as Cadillac Escalades, might be over the 5,000-pound limit, city Law Director Kevin Shannon has said.

The existing law also does not distinguish between parking on the street or in a driveway.