The Dublin Planning & Zoning Commission could review a plan June 20 for an injury-rehabilitation facility.

City staff members are reviewing the application, which is a final development plan for an approximately 5.5-acre site in northeast Dublin, south and east of Emerald Parkway and north of Summer Drive, said Claudia Husak, the city’s senior planner.

The proposed facility, called Dublin Rehabilitation Institute in the plan, would accommodate patients recovering from injuries or accidents, and the average stay would be two to three weeks, Husak said.

The initial development phase would be for a 45,000-square-foot, 1-story building, with potential for an expansion, she said.

Information on the city’s website regarding the final development plan lists the applicant as Jackson B. Reynolds III, a partner with Smith & Hale LLC. ThisWeek Dublin Villager hasn’t been able to reach Reynolds for comment.

Check for updates.