Grandview Heights City Council is expected to consider an ordinance Monday, May 6, that would have the city take over the financial responsibility for sidewalk improvements from property owners.

The ordinance, which was sponsored by Councilman Steve Reynolds, has been tabled three times since it was introduced in November 2018.

Council tabled the ordinance April 1 to "a date certain" of May 6.

Council postponed a vote on the measure so it could get more information regarding the potential cost the city would incur if it paid for all sidewalk repairs.

The legislation would change the date of the annual report presented to council by the director of building and zoning and engineer listing the sidewalks in the city that need repair or replacement and the anticipated cost.

Council would review the report, hold a public hearing and vote on whether to accept the report in whole or in part.

The ordinance was referred to council's recreation, services and public facilities committee after first being assigned and reviewed by the planning and administration committee after its original introduction.

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