Grove City police filed two counts of felonious assault May 2 against a Columbus man after he fled from officers in his pickup truck.

Two officers, one male and one female, responded at 11:01 p.m. May 1 to a business in the 2200 block of Southwest Boulevard on a report of two people trespassing by looking through a trash container for the second night in a row.

Officers arrived to find a pickup truck with scrap metal in its bed on the east side of the building next to a trash container, reports stated. They observed a female in the container and a man standing between the vehicle and the dumpster.

The officers parked their cruisers behind the pickup truck, one offset to the right and the other offset to the left, exited their vehicles and approached the suspects.

The male officer told the suspects they were trespassing and asked the woman to exit the trash container. She complied and gave police her identification as requested. The man said he did not have identification. The male officer asked him if he had any weapons, and the man agreed to being searched. As the man provided more conflicting information about his identification, the officer began to place his hands in a position to be handcuffed. He pulled away, causing the officer to lose his grip, and he began running south through the parking lot, according to reports.

The male officer began running after the man, ordering him to stop. When he caught up to him, the man turned around and squared up toward the officer. The two officers placed themselves in a position to try to corner the man between the building and a semitrailer parked in the lot.

The man ran under one of the trailers and when he ignored demands to stop, the female officer deployed an electroshock weapon, which had no effect on him, reports stated. He ran up to and entered the pickup truck as the male officer approached the vehicle to prevent him from closing the door and starting the ignition.

The female suspect tried to block the male officer's path by stepping in front of him and putting her hands up, which delayed his progress enough to allow the male suspect to close the truck's door. As the male officer and the male suspect struggled, the other officer used her electroshock weapon on the female suspect after the woman refused to stop. The male suspect was able to start the truck and the male officer was attempting to pull the female suspect back while he was still standing partially inside the truck.

The woman blocked the male officer from totally exiting the vehicle and he ordered the male suspect to stop the truck while pulling his gun out of his holster. He also held onto the truck with his left arm to keep from falling under the vehicle, according to reports.

When the female officer walked toward the trash container, the male officer was finally able to step away from the truck. The male suspect backed the truck up and struck the front end of the male officer's cruiser before heading through the lot toward McDowell Road. The male officer entered his cruiser and followed with his siren and lights activated.

The male suspect turned right onto Southwest Boulevard and then turned onto Gantz Road, reports stated. The officer attempted to catch up but lost sight of the suspect, who was driving the pickup without headlights.

Meanwhile, the female officer placed the female suspect, a 21-year-old Columbus resident, under arrest on a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest for her efforts to impede the male officer.

The male officer sustained a red mark on his left forearm from being in contact with the pickup truck as it was backing up, according to reports.

Franklin County Municipal Court records show the man was arrested May 2. An arraignment was held on the two felonious-assault charges May 3, and bond was set at $25,000. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 10 in Franklin County Municipal Court.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* Officers responded to a pair of incidents that occurred at Central Crossing High School, 4500 Big Run South Road.

A student told police April 25 that her cellphone, valued at $800, had been stolen earlier that afternoon. She said she had placed the phone under her desk while she was taking a test. She forgot the phone after she completed the test and left the room. When she went back, the phone was missing.

Another student told police deep scratches were made on the left side of his car April 30 while he was at school. The damage was estimated at $2,000.

* A resident in the 3400 block of Gateway Lakes Drive reported several tools were stolen from two vehicles while they were parked at his house between 1 and 6:30 a.m. April 25. Total loss was $3,284, reports stated.

* A resident in the 3900 block of Security Drive told police April 25 a trailer, valued at $1,500, was stolen overnight from his driveway.