Worthington City Council approved the continuation of a 0.5-mill inside-millage tax levy May 6 for maintenance of the Walnut Grove and Flint cemeteries in Sharon Township.

Council and township trustees held a joint meeting at the Worthington Municipal Building, where council members approved the measure unanimously by a voice vote, without a role call.

Elaine Russell, office manager for the Walnut Grove and Flint Cemeteries organization, said the meeting is held each year per state law because the cemeteries are considered a union between Sharon Township and Worthington.

Russell said the tax levy would be used to fund the continued care and maintenance of the grounds for Walnut Grove Cemetery, 5561 Milton Ave. in Worthington, and development for Flint Cemetery, 8187 Flint Road in Columbus.

Inside millage is a term referring to the property taxes for which Ohio law authorizes a government entity to collect without a vote. It is limited by law to a maximum of 10 mills.

Russell said the tax levy has been in place for more than two decades. She said it would generate $320,000 per year, based on the property taxes of Worthington, Sharon Township and the village of Riverlea.

Russell said the measure would continue to cost $17.50 per $100,000 of property value.

“We’re not just mowing the grass; we’re not just taking care of things,” Sharon Township trustee John Oberle said in the presentation.